Do cloth shoes make big money

on high heels all day, the men go out is leather shoes, this is a great harm to people’s feet, and foot points very much, can directly affect the health of the body, so the old shoes in the market and products began to become hot, can make a lot of money is good business.

with the prevailing leisure shoes, regardless of style or price is a great breakthrough, become a kind of fashion goods. To open a fashion shoe shop just to meet the needs of leisure. Now, with the natural trend rise, become a natural cotton garment industry "distinguished persons". At the same time, the nation is the fashion concept, but also to many ethnic handicrafts prices soared all the way. Because the dead shoes "natural" and "nation", "characteristic" words can be coated with a layer of fashion gold powder". Cloth shoes both fashion and low prices, of course, hot selling!

shoes store in the form of simple forms, can also set up shop, open shop. Or in large shopping centers, supermarkets, shops and other places in front of the backyard. Open up a certain area of the monopoly area, with strong viability and sustainable profitability.

shoes although the price lower than the shoes, but very exquisite fashion and taste. The location should generally be in the larger flow of people or street business district, the store can be 10-15 square metres, rent 1000-3000 yuan; staff of 1-2 people monthly salary, 6001000 yuan; the first purchase of 15000 yuan, plus other costs, the cost of processing all kinds of decoration, utilities and a total investment of about 20000 yuan.

is not that people don’t love shoes, but the shoes are old style, poor quality. Handmade cloth shoes not only have the role of foot protection, but also in the process of wearing will not cause damage to the wood floor, so in addition to fashion, fine workmanship, the operation should emphasize the concept of health. The variety of styles in the shop should be as much as possible, a pair of fine cloth shoes price 200-300 yuan, a few tens of millions of dollars, with a combination of better management.

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