Clothing store to grasp what skills

for many entrepreneurs, the relevant business strategy is very much, however, for the beginning of the purchase is almost no understanding, leading to the entire clothing store business is very difficult. In fact, the purchase of clothing stores also have skills to speak of. So, the clothing store to purchase what skills? Let me see small series of.

(1) to capture customer needs

as a clothing store owner you can through the following survey method to obtain market information: select a representative group of residents, as a long-term contact; making work manual, should consciously put the customer on clothing reflect the views recorded, then put these opinions, reflect to the relevant departments to establish stock; register of customer needs but no commercial registration, and as one of the basis of purchase and replenishment.

set up customer yijianbu, clothing store operators should be diligent in reading the customer opinion book, find some tendentious problems in a timely improvement, and constantly improve the level of management; on the other hand, can predict the market demand for quantity, quality, variety, price, and purchase of marketable goods. To avoid the backlog of inventory, resulting in the loss, improve economic benefits.

(2) buyers to determine the accuracy of

if the clothing store purchasing personnel can find a market potential of the goods earlier than competitors, or cheap goods, and to ensure that these goods purchase channels, it will be a great contribution to the profits of the company. Usually on the market judgment, divided into the potential to explore the commodity market potential, and the judgment of the mode of commodity sales.

clothing store excellent purchasing staff must have these two capabilities, in order to improve the level of procurement. Moreover, the procurement staff should not only understand the procurement of business knowledge, but also to the store’s overall operating situation to understand, so that the sales of the store will play a real role in promoting. As a result, the purchaser should accumulate sufficient on-site experience as soon as possible in order to increase the probability of accurate judgment.

(3) purchase volume according to

a large number of goods can reduce the purchase cost of clothing stores, but the risk is also great. For small shops, the use of this method often outweigh the benefits. The owner should predict the sales of each item in a certain period of time. If the forecast as far as possible to refine, with the actual number of sales will be less error, thus reducing the store’s inventory burden.

(4) timely purchase

for the supply of goods in short supply, and, according to market demand, open up supply channels.

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