Huaian Xuyi lobster official export Malaysia all

crayfish is delicious with Chinese characteristics, can bring people more surprises, it is worth people optimistic about the natural advantage will be greater. And the Huaian city of Jiangsu province Xuyi lobster began to step out of the country, to the world, so that people living in different places can taste from the taste of home, and let more people like crayfish really shoot two hawks with one arrow.

it is reported that this batch of crayfish products totaling 1200 kilograms, worth US $8000, all water frozen crawfish, production and processing by the Huaian Xuyi Sizhou City Agricultural Development Co. ltd..

The end of

2016, successy opened the Australian market in obtaining its crawfish products, customers quickly went to Malaysia Sizhou city company site visits. In view of the crayfish breeding base, enterprise production workshop and red fat lobster finished product exhibition hall, Malaysia customers signed a letter of intent on the spot.

many times in Malaysia Chinese, on the Chinese miss is not just family, and Chinese taste, the Jiangsu Huaian Xuyi lobster export success, can make people feel more delicious. The inspection and quarantine departments informed of Malaysia enterprises have export demand, risk analysis carried out for the first time, the requirements of the Ministry of health Malaysia to collect food safety quality documents, to strengthen the investigation of chloramphenicol in lobster.

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