Chuzhou entrepreneurship training loans to help women Entrepreneurship

is now in many places, entrepreneurship is not only a personal behavior, and now has become a kind of inter governmental behavior, why do you say that? In fact, the reason is very simple, because the government is now more supportive of entrepreneurship.

summer season, the Anhui province Quanjiao County Xiang He Zhen Jiao Chang Cun peace pigeon farm showing one of the busy scene. More than ten female workers are nervous to wash pigeon nest pad, with feed, feed dove. They are nearby villagers, in the business of women under the leadership of Chu Qinghua, a field approach housing, employment at home.

"since after being laid off, I participated in entrepreneurship training, learned a pigeon technology. Just when I was worried about the lack of venture capital, the town of the people of the community initiative for me to apply for a small loan of 50 thousand yuan." Speaking of interest free business loans, Chu Qinghua face sun.

for the government so vigorously to support the women’s entrepreneurial behavior, but also to meet the development trend of the whole society, at the same time, a good policy that will promote local economic and social development.


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