Do business to keep up with the times innovation

although it is a good choice to open a retail store to meet the needs of everyone, however, in the current retail market, even small retail stores, business is not good business. Therefore, in response to the big supermarket siege, I mainly adopted the "three steps" measures, so as to truly do business is to keep up with the times, continuous innovation, and thus get greater development.

the first step, keep up with the times, to meet the trend. Online shopping has become a daily consumption are common, therefore I also bought a computer, some of the girls love to wear head ornaments, ornaments, mobile phone accessories, cartoon toys, students bag, small home electric tools take photos to the Internet, set up their own shop, business is good the store, increase the number of income than in the past. Here I can emphasize: do not sell cigarettes on the Internet, which is illegal.

second step, pluralistic development, increase income. Compared with the big supermarket, we operate more flexible. In addition to doing a good job of selling goods, we can also expand the scope of business. My shop is located in the vicinity of the vegetable market, every day to buy food here many customers. In order to seize these consumers, I introduced a multi-functional rolling mill from the field, the beginning of the main production of a variety of beans based noodles, and then I introduced a variety of vegetable juice made of noodles.

then introduced a stuffed noodles, noodles, noodles, noodles, seafood, noodles, color, taste different noodles by the majority of consumers of all ages. I also bought a sewing machine, special service around the clothing shop, low price for customers to repair and repair side of the pants zipper. These customers in the purchase of noodles or in the repair of the pants, it will naturally go to the store shelves to buy the goods they need, it can be described as one.

third steps to build brand, establish image. On one occasion, a friend of mine sent him a jar of pickled cabbage made by himself, because he could not finish it, I put it on the counter in the shop. I did not expect some customers taste, repeatedly praised the taste good. So, I will find a friend to discuss cooperation, to the business sector registered a trademark, he is responsible for the production, I am responsible for sales. Because of this bubble pickled vegetables in the local is unique, so the image and visibility of the store quickly. As long as consumers think of this kimchi, I would first think of my shop.

if blindly conservative, even if not eliminated by the market, I am afraid it will not get much development, so in the current era of business, in fact, we need to be able to have more changes. In short, innovation can develop, change only way out. If we want to survive in the big supermarket in the crevice, we must keep up with the times, innovation and change.

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