How to improve the operator’s eyesight

said that people who do business has become a fine, because there is a very strong vision, one can know what the consumer is the character, but also able to identify consumers in the end, or peer. However, not every operator has such a vision.

today, a friend of distress, said big, said small. The shopkeeper said, is the customer reception process, how to see each other in mind, the first step to find customers how to cope with a coup, doing the business, how to make customers more, and finally the formation of thousands of customers door, Business Flourishes Sheng jing. Small is how to make this customer satisfaction, and affect their neighbors and relatives around me, but also for business to find their own progress.

, a business monopoly business no longer consider this problem, only the competitive peers will think how to improve their own, it is to improve access to skills, improve their eyesight.

in fact, it is not difficult to answer this question. Everyone in the customer reception process, constantly sum up customers to your store is not satisfied with each other, and try to improve, to do a good job, natural after you experience a lot, after a considerable period of time, your eyesight improved also.

but we know that a phenomenon that some peers can improve their business, can do so smooth, but also some counterparts in the competition of the business gradually shrinking, before losing out to find another shop closed, a new means of living to. What is the reason, nature is invisible to the customer needs to find customers for business to do, finally also put up the shutters.

how to improve a person’s vision? I think this problem is not difficult, it should be very simple. Is there a saying that the eyes are the windows of the soul. What do you think of a person, first of all, you look at the other side of the eye, you know the information is basically hidden in each other’s eyes. So, you may think it is wrong to see each other’s eyes, how can we know each other’s heart, this time you do not impatient, please listen to the author to tell you a few small details:

is a first look at the face, see. A customer enters the door, the owner of the eyes to the other side of the fire, naturally will get the following information. Is male or female is always young, is a stranger or acquaintance, is neighbors often come here to visit relatives and friends or strangers once passing. By looking at the face you can know each other is good or dangerous. Do you have an idea, which is a good or a bad thing?.

two is the eye to see through. See each other. At the same time, also see the other side of the dress, from each other’s clothing, will naturally think of what other classes from the community, is a high income or low income, is really tricky or smart and honest. When you see this information, you will have a clear message to the customer

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