The rich spiritual and cultural life of drug addicts in Anhui province not quit organized rehabilita

in the process of rapid development, each one of us in the face of the temptation of more and more, especially in the life of the drug to grow, let a lot of people suffering from the ravages of drugs, for the health of the body caused a serious impact. "1, 2…… 16……" Drug addicts, Mao Cheng (a pseudonym) vigorous figure in the bar free flying pendulum, winning the pull-up champion, warm applause in the minors in Anhui province forced isolation treatment fun rehabilitation exercise arena has been ringing.

is a rich spiritual and cultural life of drug addicts, restoration of physical fitness, enhance physical fitness, exercise training, physical fitness habits, Anhui province did not quit the day before the holding of the first taste of rehabilitation exercise, to promote drug addicts at ease wear ring, actively abstinence, to repent and start anew, the change from the "illegal" as the "laws" and the change from "unemployed" to "entrepreneurs", from "drug addicts" into "social man".

fun exercise will be the theme of "happy physical therapy rehabilitation science healthy life", three sites at the same time, a total of pull-up, shooting, table tennis, running, two ball relay Clip Ball and tug of war of 6 individual projects and group projects. After pre selection, training, competition, seriously draw group, group cross confrontation, and ultimately decide the winner of the 3 and the 3 group.

"drug addicts through daily training and competition, can enrich the life of abstinence, self style show, refraction team consciousness, reflecting the spirit of cooperation and enhance the collective concept, strengthen the habit and help them correct the wrong cognition, to become law-abiding citizens." Anhui Province, said Xiao Lichao, director of the ban.

the opening ceremony of the collective aerobics, recite the "disciple gauge", the young lion dance performances, youth passionate melodies, a neat action, sonorous and forceful voice, expressed a positive, inspirational drug addicts confidence and determination, won the warm applause, y affirmed by the Research Guide to the deputy director of Anhui provincial Department of justice Zhang Guoan Cheng Zhixian, political commissar of drug administration.

game, all participants were all of vigor and vitality, dashing, running wind, field cheerleading student race each other; shouting, cheering wavewave, climax, "I’m happy, I quit treatment, a strong atmosphere of my recovery" in the arena filled up.

is rich in the spiritual and cultural life of the drug addicts, and it is very meaningful to encourage drug addicts in Anhui province. "This is a competitive sports games, of wit and humour get-together and" one team goods "culture exhibition, to promote the rehabilitation training mobilization, enhance the confidence of competition will stimulate the enthusiasm, abstinence is encouraging, the Provincial Justice Department of drug administration, in response to" green action "and" abstinence the students’ evaluation activities recommended

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