21 companies collectively listed in Wuhan into the country’s first county science and technology

With the continuous development of

technology, the rapid development of economy. China’s science and technology edition has been settled in some larger cities, but this is a breakthrough. The country’s first county science and technology board was born in Wuhan, and the following Xiaobian together to understand it!

Laohekou City Science and technology sector 21 companies collectively landed in Hubei, the board of the four, becoming the country’s first county science and technology board. Since then, the four plates Hubei county industrial sector to increase the characteristics of the 32.

Wuhan hosted equity trading center chairman Gong Bo introduced, the listing of the 21 Laohekou science and technology enterprises mainly distributed in equipment manufacturing and auto parts, the use of renewable resources, deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, fine chemicals, new materials and optoelectronic industry.

is involved in the listing of the Hubei Wakabayashi Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Zhang Delin said, in the company of intelligent home appliances, remote control and other development has made great progress, products have been put to the United States, Canada and France international market.

, however, companies need to increase investment in R & D, the listing of the four board, but also looking for partners in the capital, there are already institutions to discuss financing matters, plans to complete the financing within three months. In addition, the company plans to list three new board within two years.

concern is that the listing and financing roadshow, wisdom and a series of value-added services to enterprises for enterprises to be made one, the scene to solve the financing problem. According to statistics, as of yesterday, Laohekou City Center hosted the registration of enterprises in Wuhan shares reached 28, of which the first 3 listed companies have completed the equity financing 3, financing a total amount of 35 million yuan, more listed companies have been launched in four in the market and financing projects to discuss other matters.

the science and technology version of the birth of the county in Wuhan City, for the promotion of local employment and the development of science and technology are of great significance, will further enhance the economic development of Wuhan. In the future, our technology is likely to gradually go to the bottom of the board, the development of everywhere!

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