College students to get rich classic case is worth learning from

now college students entrepreneurship in the whole society has been very common, but there are a lot of college students through their own efforts and try to realize the entrepreneurial dream of getting rich, next, we take a look at such a successful student.

the autumn of the year, the local government encourage college students’ entrepreneurship, the village has introduced the broiler enterprises. Work only two months Lee resigned from his job in a construction company, confidence has done in broiler breeding, lease, loan, built shed, he put some neighboring elderly and disabled friends invited to work, even their parents also pulled in to help management. He did not expect that the 4000 chicks first purchase on the road on the hot half dead, wait to sell finished chicken, the acquisition manager said only 2000 breeding scale is too small, there will be a corresponding labor cost is too high, can not earn money is bound to lose money. 6000 chicks second repurchase finally raised market broiler prices fell, when he got a chicken at the empty chicken shed tears Shua, DC, lost about 200000 yuan, he did not sleep for three days and nights. Fourth days of strong support to pay the wages of the villagers, the villagers know he lost, let him first bank loan again, but he insisted on paying the wages of the villagers. An enthusiastic Lee home for the first time entrepreneurs and it was extinguished.

at the end of the year, in the small Ling Zhen government support, Lee in the golden rice village lease more than and 40 acres, the registered capital of 3 million yuan to set up a recommendation

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