Business to change the world with technology geeks ndia Qi

technology to change the world is almost all the pursuit of science and technology entrepreneurs. For most people, this is still an idea, and some people have the technology into the business, began to really change the world.

summer afternoon, a small conference room of 10 square metre, slightly more than 10 reporters crowded around a circle. Tantoutannao in India odd is estimated to be surprised: Wow, a big parade.

APP  Store top 5?

although already in the industry reputation, outstanding technology and known to the public or odd India for another man.

in March this year, Ma Yun on the "brush face" for the guests from Taobao online purchase of 1948 Hannover commemorative stamps in germany. This in addition to prove valuable or not to face Yan value is not large, more show the brush face payment this amazing technology, this technology is from science and technology university.

Following the

2011 October, Kuang Ming technology set up. The champion in November of that year’s dark horse contest, outstanding science and technology to get legend of the star of millions of dollars in angel investment in 2 months. But although they have odd India said, determine the technical direction of visual recognition, but for how to make landing but did not think very clearly.

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