2015 Wuhan entrepreneurship innovation Expo opening 17

in this era of innovation is not abandoned, innovation can be said to have become a necessary condition for the survival and development of enterprises, is an inexhaustible source of vitality of enterprises. 2015 Wuhan entrepreneurial innovation Expo brings together a variety of ages of the creation of good works, let us see the power of innovation in china.

11 17, 2014 Wuhan entrepreneurship innovation Expo in Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center opened in. The exhibition set up a customer carnival, intelligent manufacturing projects, the Internet and Optoelectronics projects, biomedical projects and new energy and environmental protection projects and other areas, focusing on the display of innovative industrial research and development in Wuhan.

‘s most beloved children hit off the carnival

at the scene, the reporter saw a ten year old pupils while facing the computer crackling according to the keyboard, small goldfish for a while and look at the side of the saw he presses the laser pointer on the computer screen suddenly blooming flowers riotous with colour.

the pupil called Liu Jiarui, attended Changchun Jiang’an District of Wuhan city street in the fifth grade primary school. He told reporters, this game is called "fish artist", is the use of light sensor sensor outside the principle of light intensity. The four light sensors placed in the fish tank outside the glass, while preparing for the four pen, and the pen laser beam direct fish in the fish tank, when the fish swimming in a portion of the laser beam, the light sensor value will change, the screen appears beautiful picture.

in the side counseling teacher Li Yiwei introduction, this game is realized through a programming tool called "scratch", just use the mouse to drag the module into the program edit bar can make a program. Most children love "scratch" for ten minutes, and they can make fun games based on their hobbies.


most younger guests who favor the angelic guides

in Wuhan city business angel mentor group exhibition, a large area of red decorative style as embraced entrepreneurs a fiery heart.

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