7 potential projects for Rural Entrepreneurship

with the central government and entrepreneurial policies on rural areas tilt, rural business opportunities increasingly prominent. Inventory of entrepreneurial potential of the 7 projects recommended for the return of entrepreneurs who guide a road to the future.

centralized gas supplyThe status quo of rural city of

will change the farmers scattered in the gas concentration, possible. With straw made of straw gas for cooking, not only solves the problem of straw burning pollution of the atmosphere, and can save a lot of cooking costs, a straw gas equipment per hour can produce 300 square straw gas, almost can meet the needs of a village cook.

feed processing

industrial waste brickThe trend of

The rise of

Township opened Chinese medicine store

manufacturing wood-based panel

car opened vegetables

opened to connect the garden and vegetable market car, can not only solve the labor intensity of the constitution dish selling vegetables, but also can make the combination of supply and demand and market garden. If the shop to open the paging delivery, but also to meet the needs of housewives cooking nutrition and delicious.

The gradual development of

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