Service customers can not see

relies on customer value to provide services, which is the current many businessmen will choose the way of service, although small in here but no ground for blame, and all operators emphasize that customer service can see "worth", because if the identity of the customer is different and let the service difference may be loss of more customers.

these days business is good, this is not just another, came a few large customers, one to buy 11 boxes of "coconut" drinks, 8 boxes of "Huang County" wine and some drinks. I hurried to check the stock! The home of the "coconut" is not so much. The conversation that, several customers are not very anxious, so I come to a quick witted, promised to leave the address, so my husband came back to help them door-to-door, it is stable for a big deal.

customers go, I quickly look through the phone book, usually in the two wholesale department goods, in order to save time, I found a closer to me from the wholesale department, dial the phone.

"Hello, Hello, my

is the center of the supermarket, can you come to give me some" coconut ", there are much more customer one-time home inventory is not enough……" In order to deliver the goods earlier, my attitude is very friendly.

which supermarket?" There was a woman’s voice from the other end of the phone.

"home of."

"how much?"

"10 boxes……"

"ah, it is so point ah, how to send? Delivery are not at home, to take it on their own, busy here desperately."

I want to say, to 10 cases of "coconut", and then points to other commodities. Empathy, I know a little less than the wholesale department is also reluctant to lose. But before I could finish it, the phone hung up impatiently. I took the phone, a face of helplessness.

no way, had to call another wholesale department. Finally, in the husband before the goods arrived, her husband also according to the address to the goods to the customer, have a satisfactory result.

if it is you, with such an experience, the next time you need, even if it is a very large demand, you will choose this shop? Think back to the first Department of the wholesale attitude, always let me feel very uncomfortable, after the purchase of the time, will inevitably consider detour". There is a saying goes, "success to see the way, the failure to find a reason," we complain about bad business day, but whether to consider their own flaws? Consumption of one yuan and one hundred yuan, the arrivals are off, if you distinguish between the customer’s "worth" >

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