After the catering chain stores eight tricks

Festival opened restaurant chain a lot of entrepreneurs, with the 2016 pace accelerate, the restaurant chain has unlimited business opportunities, let us understand, after opening the restaurant chain, what business is eight tricks?

joined the restaurant marketing work is a continuous always throughout the enterprise management behavior, and will not be a breakpoint, whether you admit it or not, then do not accept, marketing is always accompanied by your business there, just from our point of view there are active and passive marketing marketing division, from the results on the success and failure of the marketing of marketing. Therefore, the marketing work did not nap, regardless of the season or the off-season.

don’t in the Spring Festival season every day looking at customers full year after may be pleased with oneself, you can sing a kongchengji every day. Due to Chinese tradition, a Spring Festival approaching, the whole society consumption has an eruption market in the short term, big and small restaurant is almost always full, but it’s hard to say is because of your marketing work very well. The real test of the effectiveness of marketing, but also in the off-season is not plummeted, the year is not sustainable and stable operation, the customer is not to enjoy higher satisfaction and reputation in the peer companies is leading.

season chain marketing focus can be summarized into three aspects: 1, maintain old customers to develop new customers; 2, 3; and shaping the brand image. To do a good job in these three areas, the appropriate marketing costs are essential, rather than blindly without strategic low operating costs. This stage should be relatively low yield, and pay more attention to the attendance and customer satisfaction, and ultimately to achieve the benefits of the season and the annual revenue target.

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