Suitable for young people to open the SUV which Xiaobian recommended

now society, due to the improvement of people’s living standards, car owners have become more and more, especially some young people, for the majority of home users to buy a car is not difficult. So, suitable for young people to open SUV have?

Tiggo 3  1.8L manual comfortable version

recommended reason: Environmental Science and technology, natural

championPrice: 97 thousand and 800

for the crowd: there are certain requirements of the progress of the quality of life of youth.

CRV  2.0L automatic two drive version

Recommended reason:

are free iron hand in a velvet glove.Price: 197 thousand and 800

for the crowd: the pursuit of trendy fashion women.

CR-V is a 07 year outstanding medium SUV, although the ground clearance is small, the taste of SUV, but with a clear car streamline appearance, interior effect of atmospheric fine still meets the aesthetic standard of the majority. Perhaps because of this, there will be so many women in favor of it. The recent launch of the automatic two drive version, a lot of price decline, making the popularity of CR-V has improved.

Copaci   2.4L  MT  5

comfortRecommended reason:

Price: 224 thousand and 800

for the crowd: favorite cross-country, pioneering spirit of youth.

recommended since the end of last year

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