How to find a popular shop shop

if you choose between work and entrepreneurship, what would you choose? I think in the current business environment, many people will choose to embark on the road of entrepreneurship. The business entities who are hoping to do business profitable, pours, but now do business where there is so easy? Without a little temper beat, business is difficult to become bigger and stronger. In addition to business people have to abuse me thousands of times, I want to business as the determination of first love, but also continue to learn to learn to learn, such as in the store on the choice, there is great knowledge.

choose a good shop is half the business success. Li Jiacheng said that the key to determine the value of real estate is a lot, two lots, or lots of three. Choose a good shop similar to the truth, one is popular, two is popular, or popularity of the three.

how to judge a market has the potential to have the following rules for your weapon –

1, cheap not greedy

information technology is now very developed, not only can be found on the Internet to a variety of store information, you can also find the rental information on the city magazine or even on the advertising of psoriasis. How to filter information is appropriate? Let’s take a look at the following examples.

Wu Zheng graduated from the University of entrepreneurship, decided to open a jewelry store, more than half a month after the inspection, he takes 30% lower than the market price from the hands of others around the shops. Shops located in the traditional commercial street, popularity has been more prosperous, he felt it was luck bursting, actually cheap to rent such a good location.

, however, the business opened only three months, the whole street is facing renovation, the road on both sides of the isolation belt up, pedestrians simply can not come. Unpopular business suddenly plummeted, although the government to give some compensation, but a drop in the bucket, simply can not cope with daily expenses. Wu Zheng had watched the store loss, powerless, lasted less than six months, put up the shutters.


Wu Zheng choose fundamentally wrong criminal is that: cheap shops!

business savvy but the landlord, the landlord is adjacent to the streets of the exchange of information, the difference between the rent will not be too large pavement. If a street rent suddenly down, is bound to affect the popularity of things happened, a shop sublet tenant, even if the business can not go on, don’t rush at below market prices to turn out in the shop. Do not believe that the family is a matter of urgency, unless you are deep inside the old insider.

cheap no good goods, the more prosperous the place, the more expensive the shops rent, no good question, rent shop is not Taobao, Amoy to the probability of cheap is equal to zero. < >

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