How to choose the promotion time

want to promote the better, naturally also need a suitable time. However, for the current number of shopkeepers, promotional time but do not know how to grasp. In fact, in the promotional activities, time is a more important factor. Even the most prosperous business, it is impossible to always maintain a high traffic, there will be a busy season and off-season, therefore, it is essential to choose the right time to carry out promotional activities. The choice of time also requires the owner according to their actual situation.

from the point of view of the day, the best time to shop near the market is 9:30 am 4:00. Because it is time to go to the market, so you can easily see your promotional activities, and join in. The shopping district, schools, residential area near the best shop time is 4:30 ~ 8:00.

because this time is the white-collar workers and white-collar work, but also when school is over. In this time period, you can attract these people to promote sales. The office of the store near the promotion time is noon and afternoon off time. In this period of time, people will have time to go to the streets, promotional activities will be more sure.

and from the perspective of the week, the best time to promote the sales should be a weekly weekend or time off. Because only at this time, the road will be more talent, promotional activities to attract popularity. This is not a great relationship with the store location.

if you want to make the promotion of better results, different time periods, suitable for promotional time will be different, and from the perspective of the whole year, the best time to promote their products to see the sale. This is very important, because there are a lot of products are very seasonal. Therefore, the owner should choose the best time to carry out promotional activities.

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