The key to long term profitability of brand upgrades

want to stay in the market for a long time, long standing in an invincible position, brand upgrades, brand development is the key, then, how to complete the brand upgrade? How to upgrade the brand? Xiao Bian coup, I hope to help you a lasting profit!

The first step of

"brand promotion strategy is the management system upgrade." In Pang Yahui seems, to some extent, the upgrading of system management is more important than the upgrade of the product.

brand upgrade is a pressing matter of the moment

"brand upgrade is a strategic and dynamic process, can do a ten years of brand strategy, and then at the micro level you want to pursue your market. When all the operational level of the upgrade strategy is completed, the upgrade of the brand spirit is naturally completed. The value of the brand will naturally be improved."

to achieve such a comprehensive upgrade, Pang Yahui think we should proceed from the following aspects: eclectic strategy, brand extension strategy, and joined the strong strategy, channel penetration strategy and other effective marketing strategy.

his analysis, for some have no market prospects of products, enterprises should strengthen their own brand operation, can acquire the new brand, to inject vitality into their own. Strategy with the strong can be used as a supplement to the acquisition. "What is the secret of Bill Gates’s success," he said. "He answered the question in one sentence. Our enterprises should also adopt this approach, to cooperation and strong, so that it can quickly complete the management and brand." In addition to this macro upgrade strategy, in Pang Yahui’s view, the brand channel penetration upgrade has a direct role: "we are more and more, in the promotion of products, channels should do well done as far as possible, make the product as soon as possible impact on the channel. Coca-Cola has today’s status, consumers can feel it in the sales terminal performance is very beautiful. It is able to occupy the best location, virtually everyone’s first impression is that Coca-Cola is very strong in the establishment of the brand, so the channel is very important for a brand."


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