Once sunghun advancements above WeChat sell fast food a day to earn 6900

in the rapid development of Internet, make our life a great convenience, many people made money on the Internet, through the open shop or WeChat as micro business, successful people are a group of a group of others but then due to poor management, have to shut the shop and want to say today is a once sunghun advancements entrepreneurial story, she sells fast in WeChat, the daily income of up to 6900 yuan!

20 years old had sunghun advancements Shenzhen is a university sophomore, is a native of Huizhou. In April this year, he and three other partners, and employ more than a dozen staff, the use of WeChat, the successful operation of the Huizhou University is now the most popular WeChat fast food restaurant, the daily turnover of up to 6900 yuan.

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