What skills can be left to the store

a shop if you want a good business, nature also needs to be able to retain more customers, so that the goods will be sold, to create a higher profit. So, how can the store to stay? Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the store can have what skills, so as to give more operators to do a reference.

Beijing city

Changping District Qincheng store Liu Yongji: when customers listener

every day I will face a large number of female customers, especially middle-aged women customers. Because of various reasons, they want to find someone to talk to, find someone to chat, they need someone to listen to their stories. I will be the object they talk, learn to listen, can help, I can’t help to listen to go. Over time, they became my store’s hardcore fans".

Yinzhou District of Tieling City, Liaoning Province, North

Pengda grocery store Wang Dan: he wants to help him, anxious

there are some taxis parked in front of my shop. These taxi drivers are mostly home elsewhere, but in my shop near by. Occasionally, these drivers come in to buy a bottle of water, or buy a box of cigarettes. If stopped a long time, they will come to me through the basin, used for cleaning cloth. Whenever this time, I will always be eager to lend their own things to them, but also help them to draw water, they politely say thank you, I always said with a smile: "do not mention it, when their own home with good."

the benefits of doing so in the days to come, I am quite fruitful. These drivers have become my home customers, as long as they drove to my house this time, buy cigarettes, buy water to ensure that I shop. What impressed me most is that they also recommend my store colleagues when they took to the field of passengers, passengers that want to buy goods but I do not know where to buy, will be keen to keep my recommendation to them, and bring them to my home.

and mobile customers get along, we should think, not in how much money they make, but to a friend’s mind, think he wants to help him. In this way, you this person, your home store will be firmly remembered.

Shandong, Gaomi City Sheng Chinese businessman Jing Cui: by the integral stay

I "leave" the way is very simple, as long as the customer into the store shopping, I will give a purchase list, let the customer to keep good, with the purchase order can be integral, how many points can send something. Also, children can buy snacks on the spot to give something small. These gifts can be given as required by the customer, but not more than the profits of the merchandise. In the process of integration, it is best to tell the customer’s preferences for goods, so that the gift of the customer will be particularly happy.


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