Zhengzhou real estate license 28 days to do a total of 89 copies

is in the life is called: "no rules do not Cheng Fangyuan" so we do something, you need to be recognized by the relevant departments. Since the real estate registration system implemented in the main city of Zhengzhou, many operational problems exposed and criticized by the public. In this one, due to the current second-hand housing transaction process in Zhengzhou caused by the slow speed of material transfer, the right to investigate the title can not afford, and other issues are particularly prominent. In the face of Zhengzhou real estate property, 28 days to do a total of 89 copies, which is in the process of running and the tortoise asleep?

yesterday morning, the opinions of the masses for these big problems, reporters once again to the Zhengzhou City Land Resources Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the Municipal Land Bureau) of the interview, the Bureau relevant responsible person also respond to two questions of great public response. In addition, according to the reporter, from August 25th, the real estate registration system in the full implementation of the Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou real estate registration agencies at all levels issued a real estate certificate (proof) 89 copies.

has 5174 pieces of material transfer to the real estate agency, the public to mention one stop accepting

to determine the current housing transactions and mortgage process from the September 4th Zhengzhou municipal government, for second-hand housing transactions related procedures in accordance with the "first public housing, after the real estate" in order to two units for material is composed of two departments responsible for the "Circulation", as a result, people have to run at least twice. For those who need to apply for a mortgage, the toss also need to add a real estate registration agency issued a certificate of ownership of the property, the housing authority to return to the corresponding mortgage procedures. As a result, the speed of the transfer of materials has become one of the most concerned about the issue of second-hand housing transactions for the public.

it is understood that, as of now, the city has a total of 5174 volumes of materials from the housing authority transfer to the real estate registration agency, but this rate is still insufficient for the volume of second-hand housing transactions.

"so ‘circulation’ what time is the head? Since it is’ circulation ‘will certainly need to pick up a piece of children,’ one-stop ‘not accepted?" Yesterday morning, the real estate registration center in Zhengzhou office hall, the public Mr. Jiang to the material transfer account book, and look forward to one-stop to accept the early arrival.

, who declined to be named in the industry, told reporters that the transfer of real estate in Zhengzhou in the use of the work of the material transfer approach, to a large extent, reduce the efficiency of real estate registration. In his view, the "one-stop" acceptance can solve this problem, more important is to avoid the transaction because of the land problem and finally "stuck"". "Each district has set up administrative service hall, moved to the office is very difficult?"

reporter from the City Land Bureau was informed that the people are worried about the material to recommend

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