Which city entrepreneurship in which industry Entrepreneurship

how to realize their dreams? For many young people, this is a matter of concern to everyone. Once you decide to start a business, congratulations to you, at least you are aspiring youth!

if in your hometown, have reliable connections, and the direction of your business, it is a good choice to venture in his hometown. Of course, I also saw a lot of cases because of personal connections, and connections to choose according to the direction of the business, but I am not optimistic about a similar choice, because too many uncontrollable factors, entrepreneurs need to return to the nature of the business, and not just connections.

if you determine the good business direction, but the hometown of limited resources, no reliable connections can help to you, in this case, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the four first-tier cities is definitely the most entrepreneurial choice, especially in science and technology, Internet, media, fashion, culture, education, commerce, catering, import and export, financial services and other industries, first-tier cities resources and industrial advantages, talent advantage, propaganda advantage, brand advantage and so on are all the other city in the short term can not be replaced.

2010 at the beginning of this year I give up the superior living home development, memories of the past three years of the mistakes, the most serious one is the first real estate intermediary project did not choose to start in Beijing, but because of cost considerations in Shandong start, later also proved that it was a mistake.

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