Join the flow of the legendary Chef

Why is the legendary chef

? Many people do not have such a question, which also makes a lot of food and beverage investors to join so missed opportunity. Up here to tell you the legendary chef is a pot shop chain brand, brand awareness is high, you can not miss the optimal join.


legend, good flavor, with a good reputation, consumers will be very high, over the years have been the mainstream of the market, and the future development prospect is considerable, the advantage is enough. The legendary chef has a good competitive advantage in the market, can bring great benefits for the franchisee to market. It won the franchise rights, success is his career! Let us join the legendary chef, business success, let you easily join and create a new world for you!


legendary Chef

investment consulting

call headquarters consulting, business managers to answer a few questions, appointment time.

field trips

visit the headquarters to discuss cooperation matters.


headquarters for investors to review and confirm the qualifications of investors.


both sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, a formal contract.


franchisee to choose the type of investment to the headquarters to join the franchise fee.

headquarters training

dishes technology, brand culture and other basic knowledge, staffing, food procurement, financial management, store operations and other comprehensive system.

store location

take full account of the surrounding environment of the store, traffic, advertising effectiveness and turnover forecast, comprehensive screening of the best quality store. (the shop has a separate plan)

decoration design

headquarters professional design team, for the franchisee to provide shop decoration design.

opening preparation

headquarters distribution gifts and production equipment, all products, personnel in place, ready to open sales promotion program.

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