Rural girls how to 6000 into a 6 million

six hundred dollars can do, buy clothes can not buy a few, have you ever thought about doing business with these 600 dollars? Never thought of it, but also no business as long as a few hundred dollars can do, but really have done that is a simple rural girl, her success with 600 dollars of their own, is now 6 million of the assets!

Shen Yuxin, Hunan, Shaodong, primary school culture, 14 years old to go out to work, worked as a nanny, live a live site, opened a barber shop, working on the road repeatedly. 05 years she started with $6000, the establishment of Shen Xin vibration rod processing plant, venture through hardships, but she did not give up, stick to teeth.

less than three years, sales increased from the original $800 thousand to the current $about 6000000. Her legendary entrepreneurial story touched many people, hundreds of agents take the initiative to find her to do her product agent, in 2008 the fifth global network business conference she won the domestic trade 30. Her success is undoubtedly the result of her hard work, she often said: "my previous experience is the greatest wealth in my life." The following concerns about Shen Yuxin.

poor childhood I was born in a bitter family, father is a disabled person, he has only three fingers, big sister, I am eight years old, my older sister, brother six younger than me, my family was bullied by the people in the village. At that time the family was poor, often to eat every day and worry about the problem. Think of those days when I do not know how to survive, one day I came back from the outside, heard the mother and father are said to take me to a distant uncle to adoption. The second day I cried uncle was taken away, at that moment, I took the father didn’t look at me, The old man wept bitterly., turned into the room.

three months later, my father came to pick me up, see I hold my tears tears tell of their own: after you left, I dream about you every day, I how so cruel, you gave others ah, which in the end is what kind of sin I made ah, I go home. I’m 5 years old.

from my sensible, I often see his father’s eyes reveal too much frustration, then, really want to share everything for him. My sister studies very hard, very sensible, every time she comes back from school, are rushing to work, I am 5 years old with his father to the field, by the time I was 11, I played the rice harvest, the family 4 acres of land, to the harvest season, is a person I stepped on the threshing machine, beside my dad helped me pass Wo, then two people together millet moved back home.

sister is also very good, high school for two years admitted to the normal university. Sister admitted to the University, the father felt a good day to come, in order to provide for my sister to college, but also to do the work of the people also took a big down, my father saw me doing things really like adults recommend

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