Open dry cleaners how to cheat

all the world, Nothing is too strange., join a liar is more and more often, what is hot, what the industry more liar. Now the dry cleaning industry so the fire, naturally there are many crooks lurk, investors open dry cleaners how to cheat? The following content will certainly help.

1, the brand of deception: open dry cleaners how to cheat? Crooks use quite a lot of people believe or prefer the psychology of foreign brands in the country at random to fabricate some foreign flavor full name, and claimed to be foreign famous brand. In fact, there is no such so-called "famous" brand in foreign countries.

2, now with the popularity of the network, open dry cleaners how to cheat? The Internet has become the cradle of crooks fraud, they tend to build a very nice site, write some articles to mislead the false flashy without substance joining, in addition to use much of the network search engine PPC to attract the attention of potential franchisees.

Swindlers Company can be ranked in the top search, by way of bidding and money, those who do not understand to knowledge, and do not understand the laundry equipment and knowledge lay franchisees who can easily be called the rank to a cheat, and those who have joined the real chief washing value. The information is ignored.

3, the exhibition of cheating: open dry cleaners how to cheat? In addition to network investment outside, one of the chief recruiting Franchise Exhibition is the channel, now Chinese annual various Franchise Exhibition dozens of games, on average, almost all monthly Franchise Exhibition field of more than three. Many swindlers will take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the exhibition to deceive.

4, of dry cleaning investment to join the project, the best to see their own independent, must seriously study and understand all around, is not the real strength of the company, at the same time, that is not a good project, whether for themselves, to join those who are not good, join the project must be suitable for them, must be on their own conditions also have a full understanding. The franchisee will also notice this item

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