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open shop, now it has become a popular trend, in the face of many people to the road, and certainly many detours temptation unceasingly, so guard against this phenomenon, to remind everyone in this small series.

A, have the advantage of resources. Open shop, we must first determine the direction, a careful analysis of what kind of goods before, in your area, with unique natural resources and market advantages, other regions do not have, so to guarantee the choice of supply, for example, two friends of the above mentioned example. A choice of crystal, because we here are the famous town of crystal, another selection of seafood, but also because we are located in Haizhou Bay, is one of the eight fishing seafood rich, although ultimately did not do a good job, but the choice of goods in the direction, is good; in addition, you should also be familiar with the purchase channels, and have a certain ability to detect goods, because of the different channels, price and quality will be very different, and, if you do not understand the product identification, so it is difficult to purchase quality To protect. So, although the advantages of resources and channels is not a key factor in the success of the shop, but it is absolutely a problem that can not be ignored, decided to shop, to conduct a comprehensive in-depth analysis, investigation, identify the direction, targeted.

Third, the quality of service guarantee. In the online business after the opening, you have not supply advantages in price, quality, or you can be all-weather, can open up the situation, and traditional business, service quality is very important, you sell a piece of goods, the transaction process is not over, in order to let every customer can become repeat customers, even as you shop then, in addition to the obligations of propagandists, the integrity of business, you have to consider more long-term, in the customer service service, in return security, to give every customer to intimate feeling, to really put the customer as God, a God, at least as a friend to treat.

Three points above the

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