Open stationery store skills sharing

stationery store, how to do a good job? Many operators are aware of some tips, in the sharing of exchanges, we summed up some useful points, hoping to help franchisees get more profit space, and quickly learn it. Xiaobian hope to help you do a good job in investment management business.

in the stationery store business process, come up with some of the hoard of goods and some of the more popular products, take out these things to do promotions. Promotion cannot be general promotion, can not be too simple, too simple, the promotion will become free.

so you can make some cards. You to each of the students who come to the store to give you a gift card. You tell them, as long as after holding this card to the store shopping, consumption per yuan can accumulate 1 points, up to 20 points have small gifts, up to 50 points and have a better gift, up to 100 points and a better gift.

In addition to

, tell them, this card can also lend friends, so they to integral more, his classmates and friends to play for his integral consumption. In this way, the stationery store will be able to develop and bind customers". And these points are the things that are said to be packed and popular goods!

stationery store, operators can learn a lot of skills. The use of a number of useful planning, so that shops operate more colored. The above skills sharing is only to provide a direction of thinking, I hope to join the business can be combined with their own actual investment to find the right path of development, learn quickly!

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