How to price a hot pot restaurant

a shop price is high, there is no way to attract customers, want to make the business of the store naturally become a very distant thing. However, if the store’s pricing is low, not only will cause vicious competition, but also to earn less profit, want to give the operator the return of wealth is naturally difficult. So, if you want a business booming business, do a good job pricing is extremely important. So, how to price the hot pot shop?

catering industry has already bid farewell to the era of profiteering, has become a meager profit industry. In recent years, in some first-tier cities, not only cost up to 3 Hot pot dishes, and raw materials also rose sharply, especially Hot pot bottom material raw material rises greatly, chilli prices doubled, dried pepper also rose 3, plus the edible oil prices, the original speculation a pot of Hot pot bottom material requires only 7, 8 yuan of money, and now the pot bottom material price has exceeded 10 yuan.

but no Hot pot dare to risk losing sales to the price, gross profit greatly decreased and the Hot pot enterprises; in recent years, with the rising prices, rent service employees wages and electric water price increase, and further compression of the Hot pot enterprise profit space.

in the popular Hot pot gross profit is not high, food pricing has become a very sensitive issue, if the price is high, most of the guests do not speak, but the heart dissatisfaction, many will not patronize the next time.

there is a way for reference: the evaluation team decided to dishes every new dishes are promotion and pricing, the team is an amateur and change at any time, by taxi drivers, factory workers, housewives, white-collar workers, private employers, government officials, famous gourmet etc, they have the right to a proposal in the quantity and price of dishes.

pricing dishes, this is not a simple job, find the right way to set a suitable price for the development of the hot pot restaurant business will have a very big help. Here Xiaobian only provides a proposal, in a word, the hot pot restaurants want to operate normally, but also need to do a good job of pricing, so as to ensure the better development of hot pot shop business.

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