Technology determines the success of mushroom cultivation

due to nutrient elements contained in edible fungi is very much, therefore welcomed by the whole society, the great market demand, many investors also saw this opportunity, want to enter this industry, but many are ultimately ended in failure, the reason is the key technology.

two errors: the vast majority of people prefer mushroom cultivation, many times of failure, do not want to pay training fees; take books self-study, this way can only grasp some preliminary theoretical basis, and many books had no practical experience, the gap between theory and practice, you must go to the exploring test step step, not only to take many detours, but also waste a lot of time and money.

three mistakes: no ability to identify in the edible fungi is not high technology training; there are a lot of mushroom cultivation training even their own all or half understand not understand, some are just learned, only some cultivated varieties, some 1-2 just only a few years of cultivation time, lack of experience, some are buy books and CDs to teach you, some large head and a small tail hanging, scientific research institutes and their own name did not really, if encounter these edible mushroom training class, of course you will not learn anything.

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