How to deal with the crisis of high cost

as long as the venture will have some risks, how to deal with the high cost of the enterprise crisis, perhaps from this article you will find some answers.

from November of last year, due to effects of Southwest drought, sugar prices continued to increase, from 3000 yuan rose to 1 tons 1 tons of 5000 yuan now. It is reported that sugar accounted for more than 50% of the cost of sweets, accounting for cake, biscuits, sugary drinks and other costs of 20%. Seeing the sugar has high heat to retreat, sugar costs rise, coupled with increased many other aspects such as labor, packaging, transportation and other costs, it also makes the sugar enterprises transfer costs to the downstream, pushing up the price. But this does not play a decisive role in easing the overall cost of the enterprise.

space for wisdom to understand the market, win the market with the space war, has been advocated in the future will play, "great wisdom to create a large space, large space achievements brand" and "space theory" of this is not accidental, but constantly sum up and use, Zhi from future correct judgment of the industry and through the market, accurately grasp the subtle insight on the consumers, corporate strategy, efficient operation of the brand and product. "Space theory" is more space for space selection, study, create for expansion; considering the overall environment, spatial relationship of multiple factors; development strategy of space based on the comprehensive utilization of resources, to find the law, to find the key to solve the problem.

> strategy is not clear.

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