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what is the most popular food consumption in winter, of course, is a hot pot, the winter to eat hot pot is not only the lively atmosphere of the graph, eat is the authentic taste. I like the taste of Sichuan flavor Hot pot after every four words: hot cool! Looking at the full Chili oil pot rolling, dishes are available, all three feet are brew storms on rivers and seas, not covet chowhound swab, a crisp fruit belly, actually no greasy feeling. Every time it comes to this, they must be full of praise. It is to eat Hot pot, taste + + to enjoy a full range of visual sense, this kind of thing to eat oil must not have


after my Master Li’s taste Sichuan Hot pot bottom material, also joined the Chinese herbal formula unique, not only bright color, delicious and nutritious, delicious and piquant refreshing, but also more cook more fragrant, eat more spicy, lead a person to endless aftertastes. It is a pity that such a rare material is wasted, so it is a good habit to finish packing the bottom of the pot, which can not only promote the virtues of saving, but also go home to enjoy the delicious hot pot.

said my dishes taste Shu, also had a great. Doggerel: ham to have a secret, since the old mother rang; duck five killed, seven points into the kitchen; duck as big as a cover, eight seconds fragrant crisp beef; immortal taste, a fragrant beef with pepper; day, goose intestines lying on the ice. There are more dishes and snacks such as gourmet taste Sichuan tripe, beef liver for 6 seconds, beef tongue, crisp mouth, crisp banana cake is best…… No one is full of praise.

I tasted the taste of

Shu people all know, my old taste Sichuan Chongqing hot Hot pot, bearing, a Sichuan style food garden incense, fresh, oil and not greasy, so eat a hundred tire. What are you waiting for? Hurry to leave a message on our website.

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