n the face of market economy law and consumers fear consumers who are the winners

financial crisis is brought about by the disaster can be imagined, for the people, can be described as disaster. The global panic caused by the financial crisis in the United States has disturbed the normal life and psychological order of consumers in many countries.

It is reported that

at present the India retail industry shrank by 30%, sales of cars, household appliances are on the decline; Russian consumers also felt the impact of the financial turmoil. Moscow’s major supermarkets began to be out of stock, Russia’s credit consumption was forced to reduce significantly……


The development of

30 years of rapid development has also created a huge business group in china.

Chinese is not the lack of entrepreneur, the real is the lack of business thinkers. Of course, this has a great relationship with the traditional Confucian culture in the dominant position, as well as the traditional ideas of scholars, farmers, workers and businessmen. Until now, we can still see some entrepreneurs on the one hand gallop in the business arena, on the other hand, but look forward to another life. The same is influenced by the Confucian culture of Japanese entrepreneurs, in the hearts of Konosuke Matsushita, the choice of business on the choice of a common life for the well-being of the road not to return.

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