How to cater to customer preferences

is now doing business, not only need to ensure that their products, but also need to cater to customers, so as to make the business transaction rate is higher, the business is more prosperous. However, how to cater to customers, to become the current number of entrepreneurs heart of a big problem. So, how to cater to customer preferences?

in life, no one will be interested in what they do not like. And if it is their favorite things or items, if someone introduced or talked about will pay attention to listen to. This can also be used by the sales staff to convince customers in sales, take the initiative to meet the customer’s interests, narrow the distance between the customer and to achieve further exchanges, paving the way for the final sale.

generally, have common interests are more likely to contact, also easier to chat together, willing to participate in similar activities in the common activities can not only close to each other and can thus Wyatt, interpersonal attraction. In view of the problem, the attitude would be more consistent, congenial interests, consistency, exchanges together can accurately reflect their ability, feelings and beliefs, and be able to get support and encouragement, so that more can be friendly. Misunderstandings and conflicts are relatively few, get along well. Even if they are not familiar with, but also relatively easy to eliminate strangeness, thus forming a strong interpersonal attraction.

transactions between sales and customers is also a kind of social interaction, if the two sides do not have common language that is difficult to communicate, not to mention the sale of goods. If the sales staff can take the initiative to meet the users’ interest, things or people talk about some customers love, to attract customers, when customers have a good impression on you, buy your goods is a natural thing.

of course, the sales staff every day with a large number of customer contact, and he is not omnipotent, what all like, what all know, can not cater to all customers. This requires the sales staff to learn more things, have wide learning and a retentive memory, more knowledge, more able to cope with more customers.

an excellent sales staff must be an "Encyclopedia", they need to understand a lot of things, even if not proficient, will probably understand, once the day and will not talk about customers, because of their ignorance and ice, led the negotiations can not be carried out; the sales staff only the more you know, the more it can find common ground and customer, to attract each other.

Zhang Kai is a sales company of a decoration company, once he went to visit a customer – the manager of a company. After the meeting, Zhang Kaixian made a general description of his company’s products, Shen manager to understand, and see if there is a need for the product. But Zhang Kai introduced the contents of these managers heard too much, it can not cause the interest of the manager. Zhang Kai found that the manager has already created some of the burnout

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