How to find a good entrepreneurial project before starting a business

want to start a business, we must first have a goal, to determine which direction to develop after the start of the project to start looking for. So, how can we find a good venture?

for a product or service, if the market has various stages of consumer brand, we don’t want to squeeze the market, because to squeeze the market, you must have the sales terminal, not terminal, who is willing to go to the agent for a non brand name products or service to the mature industry market


second principles, to give the products or services of a certain cultural development space, is actually to the product or service with a special cultural. Cultural understanding is to guide consumer spending psychological hint.


then in the standardization of social existence many standardized business opportunities, we still by giving examples.   now the quality of life improved, then they are more concerned about their own health, health is coming from there, China has since ancient times

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