The principle of dining chain store

in today’s society, as an entrepreneur, if you want to know what the industry outlook is good, of course, is the modern catering industry, now the people’s living standards improve, people’s increasing demand for beauty, open restaurants, shops rent to pay attention to what the problem?

in the preliminary selected shop location, should be a comprehensive study of further investigation and analysis, do some of the relevant circumstances, to determine whether the last point in the. Inspection should pay attention to the following three points:

The store itself:

In fact, many of the seemingly prosperous


find stores don’t hurry, the best first heard from the side of the real landlord (i.e., property owners) on the background of basic understanding, feel reliable after contact. In addition, once successful, it is important to note that the formal agreement must be signed with the property owners to change the name of the lessee.


is mainly operating performance, the level of commodity prices. On the same lot of similar stores operating performance, can rent out the store preliminary estimates may produce profits; and investigate their merchandise price level, in order to determine their future price. These are very necessary.

In fact,


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