How to join Ganoderma lucidum sister Yunnan bridge noodle

is one of the famous Yunnan bridge noodle Chinese snack, the noodle brand is more beyond count today Xiaobian for you, intends to invest in noodle franchisees recommend a good noodle brand – Ganoderma woman Yunnan rice noodle.

Ganoderma lucidum sister bridge noodle shop in Yunnan since the opening of the widely welcomed by the masses. Its stress is: first, the smell of incense, two is thick taste, and the three is a aftertaste. The biggest secret is the traditional Chinese medicine halogen package, the most critical is soup. The most important is "the furnace". It can be said that each capital city to do it is the combination of stars that do not meet the eye everywhere. Some day to earn two, $three thousand, some do not earn a penny, and even more will lose money.

how to join Ganoderma lucidum sister Yunnan bridge rice noodle

join conditions and rules

1. has a certain investment strength (25 thousand -10.5 million).

2. comply with the specification and management rules of "Yunnan bridge crossing noodle", as well as relevant laws and regulations.

3. must be in accordance with the requirements of the headquarters of the full use of Ganoderma lucidum sister Yunnan bridge rice noodle, the visual image packaging.

– join the program

on the local market, to access the call advisory letter "Ganoderma girl Yunnan rice noodle", making products to enjoy the scene of the headquarters area, signed a predetermined number, technology and business training, graduation certificate issued to choose the shop, store decoration, promotional leaflet issued, officially opened.

– a win-win symbiosis chain management, core competitiveness and scale benefit in the chain of cooperation among members and symbiosis, headquarters with your clear division, close cooperation, a benign interaction between members of the interests of the chain, so as to achieve a win-win situation; two km radius is only allowed to open a shop, to avoid disorderly competition.


hand to win the battle with the same industry, not as complementary advantages, strengths and weaknesses, together bigger. China’s Ganoderma lucidum sister Yunnan bridge rice noodle snack chain monopoly is in full swing in China to grow.

Powerful marketing system

– copy shop girl Yunnan rice noodle of Ganoderma lucidum, make you relaxed sitting on a good business. Sincerely impart technology, strong logistics distribution, timely door-to-door guidance, doing business at ease, earn money going to enjoy good heart. Spread through the ages and secret system of delicious, a steady stream of repeat customers, enough to make you feel excited every day.

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