Micro business marketing skills sharing

simple way of entrepreneurship has become the most popular way of business, so now do business more and more people believe that each person’s circle of friends will always have a few micro business, but why do some people like a raging fire, while others disappeared? In fact, there is still a lot of micro business marketing knowledge.

micro business marketing, soft Wen marketing; through the Baidu post bar, Baidu forum, Baidu encyclopedia and so on some of their own point of view + soft Wen, attracted traffic, which is very effective

micro business marketing two, the recommendation of friends; looking for some friends and network big coffee do a recommendation, as long as you are not the same, recommend the effect is great, is not in competition, cooperation and win-win.

micro business marketing three, social networking platform; through QQ, micro-blog, microscopic and other social tools as the way of drainage is very accurate. By adding some mother circle QQ group, go inside to increase the fans, there is space marketing.

4, the team is now talking about a resource integration, cooperation and win-win, Baotuan development era, the era has passed, you want to rely on their own to develop a micro business, it is difficult to become a major event! So have to develop their own team, with the team will develop faster. There is a lot of micro business with the team not management, not much communication and exchanges between the groups, nor a series of rewards and incentives, which formed many agents, but the products are not sold out phenomenon. So the team was standardized, systematic.

5, did not locate a lot of micro providers will not be positioning, positioning includes two aspects: personal positioning, product positioning. A lot of friends asked me, now do micro business still have time? What do you want to do? He said he didn’t know. You don’t even have a direction and a goal like this. Personal positioning, you can choose their own interest or expertise in their own products.

product positioning has three principles:

proximity principle – near features;

familiar with the principles of the familiar circle;

on the source principle – upstream of the source.

6, not in front of customers and said no fans, fans and customers. You have 1000 fans and maybe one of them is your client, and that’s good for you. Micro business marketing, then how to convert the fans into customers believe that many micro business pain points. The first to establish their own customer base, the existing customers to build a customer base, used to do after-sale and re transformation. Second, the existing customer’s recommendation, the customer to get the experience of the product, requiring customers to share the experience of product images, >

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