Vent the restaurant fell out of trouble to fall wealth

now the community is full of too much frustration, the pressure of life, so many people in the hearts of boredom nowhere to vent. And the whole society is advocating civilized society, in the public to make excessive behavior, not only condemned, there may be a burden of responsibility, in such circumstances, vent the formal advent of the restaurant!

"vent restaurant" fell out of depressed

in August this year, Beijing had the first "vent restaurant", where people can play sandbags, throwing dishes, the nail into the wood based, even destroy the value of one thousand yuan a sound, until the anger, depression, heart pressure all out now. Of course, it’s all about paying.

the restaurant with a total of three "vent", one of the largest in the walls painted with a male and a female figure two figure. The clerk told reporters that they can be imagined as their own hate, take plates, bowls or other porcelain to hit them. Each plate price ten yuan, the price of other porcelain range, mostly around $one hundred.

merchants say

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