Shenqiu a number of preferential policies to ignite the enthusiasm of migrant workers Entrepreneursh

for most people, the purpose of entrepreneurship is to get rich. Especially in remote areas, to achieve the goal of poverty through entrepreneurship, is the most urgent needs of the local people. In 2015, Shenqiu County, there are 1514 poor migrant workers rely on their own business to take off the poor hat, embarked on a well-off road.

2015 years, in order to encourage public entrepreneurship, innovation, accelerate the process of poverty alleviation and development work, the introduction of a number of preferential policies in Shenqiu County of Zhoukou City, Henan Province, lit many migrant workers entrepreneurship to achieve accurate poverty passion.

led by the county government, the postal savings bank, Finance Bureau, Poverty Alleviation Office jointly launched the "Huimin poverty alleviation microfinance loan business, have rich project of migrant workers paid 50 thousand to 100 thousand yuan of small family difficulties and poverty alleviation loans. Up to now, the poverty alleviation loan has 1024 yuan loans to poor families of $61 million 440 thousand.

promote decentralization, implementation of the "three in one". In September 30, 2015, the county issued the first "three in one" business license, processing time from 10 days down to 2 hours; the key construction projects in parallel approval, 120 days to complete all formalities centralized parallel processing.

the County launched a variety of Huimin "package", which greatly improves the enthusiasm of the migrant workers return home entrepreneurship into "precise poverty" chorus, 1514 poor migrant workers has by self employment from poverty hat.

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