The most profitable small business beauty investment income five hundred million a year

what is the most profitable small business, small business now is how to get a rampant, now the entrepreneur’s choice is how much, choose small business to choose the shop while the final shop location because the rent is not confirmed, but the address has been selected. What kind of small business to make money, Yao Junda’s business is simply to buy and sell second-hand brand-name bags, through a variety of channels to collect the package and then re sell, earn the difference. But that doesn’t stop him from doing his business very much.

second-hand bag shop

is such a sale of second-hand shop, you can often see on TV or at the end of the movie it’s name: Milan station, Yao Junda is the founder and President of it. It is also the main destination for mainland tourists to visit Hongkong, Huang Rui is one of them. What kind of small business, one afternoon in 2009 9 months, with $1 million 300 thousand in cash, Huang Rui into Milan station is located in the Tongluowan Times Square shop, saw in the window set their own the ostrich leather diamond Birkin bag? Huang Rui very mind this long list, she made a special trip to Hongkong to pick up, and immediately take the flight back to Shanghai, it is for this lovely package.

In fact,

The most common is the

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