Guangzhou 22 thousand and 500 people apply for more than 3000 college students entrepreneurship subs

the current fierce competition in the community, a strong entrepreneurial support is what college students are expected to create. According to preliminary statistics, this year, Guangzhou has more than three thousand college students to apply for business subsidies, reflecting the ongoing expansion of entrepreneurial groups in Guangzhou University.

12, "· dreams of Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship;" second Guangzhou City College Students Entrepreneurship Training Symposium held in Wushan campus of South China University of Technology. At the meeting, the Guangzhou municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau relevant responsible person said, rough statistics, there are 22 thousand and 500 people to the community sector for business support subsidies this year, the student population of more than 3 thousand people, and this group only one thousand or two thousand people last year, Guangzhou entrepreneurial enthusiasm is rising.

Relevant responsible person told the reporter:

"next year, Guangzhou City Department of human society in the implementation of good business subsidies at the same time, there are plans for" Internet plus "pioneering the development of relevant supporting policies but also research program." Wang Shuang revealed.

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