Liao Ji can join it how to join the bang bang chicken

small always believe every section behind the delicacy, with a known food story, recommend the Liu Bang Bang chicken also have such a development history story today.

19 year old Mr. Li Liangfeng carries the dream in Ya’an with Bang Bang Bang Bang chicken chicken soon, unique delicious people decided to find teachers lead a person to endless aftertastes, apprenticeship, acquisition of authentic Bang Bang chicken production method; the same year, Mr. Li Liangfeng took the bang bang chicken back to Chengdu, set up a stall selling in Changshun street stall food market, in the process of the repeated debugging, combined with customer feedback, improve and develop a bang bang chicken secret recipe, business booming, since then, Chengdu was a special delicacy, they are pursued.

later, after years of efforts, Liu Bang Bang chicken in more than and 200 stores throughout the city. ? "Liao Ji Bang Bang chicken" brand founder Mr. Li Liangfeng, as the only representative of Sichuan food industry, was invited to participate in the "fortune" China pioneer forum and the international public welfare party. ? Liang Feng Chengdu investment (Group) Management Company Limited, Chengdu Bangbang Food Co. Ltd and Chengdu Cci Capital Ltd, Chongqing Ji Liao Liao Ji, Chongqing City Enterprise Management Co., bang bang Food Co. Ltd have been established, "Liao Ji Bang Bang chicken enterprise collectivization development road.

then Liu Bang Bang chicken can join? The company is facing the national investment, is a brand can join. So how to join it?

join process is as follows:

1) first consultation: telephone, interview, E-MAIL

2) fill in the "consultation registration form"

3) visit and inspect

4) signed a letter of intent for cooperation in the project

5) target business district survey to determine the convenience store

6) signed the "contract for project planning consultation", "training contract" and "trademark use contract"

7) determine the VI system

8) shop decoration

9) preparation for opening

10) officially operating

through a small series of reports, for Liu Bang Bang chicken can join this problem should be very clear, this is a very famous brands! Want to join to act quickly. Remember to leave a message below the website!

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