The most cattle Baidu experience

I have a domain name called (not easy transaction, easy to it), want to use a C2C mall, just Ecmall out to apply for the test users, then look for IDC, but EC does not support his family, like other IDC, all this level is too expensive, small IDC website may Baidu months are not included, after much deliberation, or to engage in stationmaster net flat-share, when the domain name officially engaged in the evening of 6.22, but because of my middle error, get the domain name that solution host not to go, "Apache is functioning normally is always" the mistake, but that night, Baidu on receipt of this domain, it seems, choose stationmaster net IDC yes. Don’t think I’m AD for myself, there are screenshots as evidence, second of which are in line with Admin5’s customer service yesterday afternoon to talk about’s mistakes. (the money was paid to the king this morning)


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