Operation strategy how does a small game website break through

Before the

game website in the field of Baidu hasn’t launched Baidu application platform is the fierce competition in the field, after the launch of the application platform in Baidu, also do not have a brand for game website, it is like a bolt from the blue.

look at the 4399 game chairman Cai Wensheng’s reaction to know Baidu application launch on the small game in the industry is very big, 4399 first refused to cooperate with Baidu, but other small game sites such as 7k7k and other small game station quickly in cooperation with Baidu, the 4399 immediately yield, small game Baidu application the platform immediately appeared provider: 4399.com words, Cai Wensheng also immediately rejected their 720 a few days ago said, more is not as it cannot be helped,


living environment has become a bad situation, as large as 4399 7k7k, this little game brand old station also had to bow in the face of Baidu’s Internet monopoly, and passive acceptance, or in the political arena about your legend will become less and less.

, however, for the majority of the grassroots, we are unknown to the public little game site, we do not have so much capital and brand awareness, our basic flow is from search engines, so in the Chinese field, Baidu launched the application platform for small game grassroots webmaster, is undoubtedly a very deadly hammer, related games the ranking was behind the brand, now users to search words are basically Baidu used to flow to consume the light, and power, does not have the most grassroots platform in cooperation with Baidu application conditions.

since we live in such a bad environment, should we give up,


personally believes that if you have a good choice, and you do not have a small game station is currently not many users, you can consider other types of stations to do. Of course, for most of the webmaster, give up a careful management for many years how station is not willing, so not to cannot but, I believe that most people will not give up. Since we do not give up, then how should we adapt to the current living environment, and as much as possible in the current environment to do the best,


I think, from the strategy, should have to re-examine and positioning of their own station, treat yourself as a small game player, go to Baidu search for the word "game", the first 10 pages of every station look inside, I believe you will have a lot of discovery.

first, planning from the "product", also is the game re arrangement, such as only the first 10 recommended each game type, or the first 5 fine, just fine, heavy weight;

second, from the web interface, we did not find the layout and tone almost all consistent with most of the small game, we do not know and remember that when the interface at the start of the Alibaba, I very love, simple, simple, too simple; go out.

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