Vertical electricity supplier of the three major mistakes three directions

‘s future success of vertical electricity providers, there are three directions for development: data driven, brand oriented, globalization.

Amazon has lost another deep water bomb to the retail industry – throwing 13 billion 700 million to buy Whole Foods, the famous organic food chain supermarket in the us. The Amazon’s largest ever merger and acquisition, clearly shows the United States electricity supplier giant ambitions to enter the vertical field.

plus WAL-MART $300 million acquisition of Bonobos’s business enterprise, it is not difficult to imagine that these past the pursuit of large and comprehensive electricity supplier, or retail giant, are now trying to cut in the vertical field, to attract more customers. For Amazon, the acquisition of Whole Foods, into the grocery, this high frequency consumer category is likely to be an important step against WAL-MART and Target declaration of war.

on the other hand, with the large platform of electricity supplier governance structure gradually shaped, the U.S. electricity supplier industry entrepreneurs often choose to start from the vertical field. Compared with the domestic price war into hundreds of colleagues, they have more friendly market environment, from Zulily, Lululemon to Bonobos, the vertical electric company relies on "small is beautiful" business model grow step by step, billions of dollars in sales.

vertical electricity supplier gameplay, in the end to which step? How do they break through the major business platform, and what these platforms will produce a link? Reporters interviewed in 2016 swept the nation’s snack class vertical electricity supplier Snackoo CEO Baylor Wei, and she chatted about the past some of the vertical electricity supplier errors and new ways of playing the future.

vertical electricity supplier three major mistakes

in the past few years, "vertical" has become a commonplace in the field of electricity supplier topic. However, only in the Chinese market, will be able to count out, no less than ten in the "wind" on the harvest of attention, and ultimately bleak end of the vertical electricity supplier.

Look forward to

capital for vertical electric providers, from the characteristics of it in deep market segments, product standardization, rapid integration of the supply chain, but once the air darling, why not like other platform companies like venture at the end of


1. sometimes people don’t understand the true definition of "vertical".

in the field of vertical electricity providers, there is a very easy to fall into the wrong area: think of a category of goods displayed together, it has done "vertical"".

"in fact, in addition to commodities, it needs to be vertical in terms of professionalism, service, and consumer satisfaction," he said. These are the vertical electricity supplier is different from the platform electricity supplier, an important part of the advantages." Baylor says.

as the online consumer continues to transfer to the mobile terminal, and gradually integrate with social platforms, users need for personalized

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