Refute Web is dead App is not the future Web win in the link


some people say that this is a App era, popular everywhere are Web It is all up with App is benevolent.

first made this statement in the wired magazine in 1997, when the concept of "2010" struck again, when Chris · and Anderson wrote an article called "Web is dead.".

in "Web is dead" article, Chris, ·, Anderson said, from birth to now, World Wide Web (World Wide Web) has gone through 20 years. Compared to the popularity of the year, it has started to decline, giving way to simpler and more stylish services that focus more on search rather than on search. We are gradually abandoning openness and freedom, Web, looking for a simpler, more fashionable and more comfortable service, no less than our affection for it.

I’m sorry, Anderson, you are wrong, we are wrong, the link is king, this is unique to Web, App does not have, no matter how ugly, how it looks weird, but you can use it freely.


App wants to replace Web and is a bit too

love App, but in innovation bigwigs to spend money on things you set, users revel in a highly regulated similar Disney’s thought from the App world, fled the seemingly out of order, crazy and wild Web threat to the world, but when immersed in the world of App whether thought, you were bound together.

make an analogy that your iPad or iPhone application as a silo, a vertical tall, there are countless things, but not what can really enter or out, this is not created by the application of good control, bad. App want to replace Web, but also a little tender, like a person, I have a bath, no longer need the ocean as absurd, whether your bathtub is beautiful, and the sea is? Can you make out a land next to it in the


App is like CD-ROM

in 90s

Hanselman said, "App is like the CD-ROM in 90s. We can only download updates until new CD-ROM releases or bandwidth increases.".

and now the automatic updates can only solve part of the problem, App is only a function of the various independent islands, no mutual communication without contact, but the good news is, these applications linked to the cloud and all kinds of services, but unfortunately is, now hand machine application to do so almost know no, they think they should.

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