Personal webmaster you stick to the reason No1 alive

2008-4-21 all over the world with a light rain, sad mood…

2008-4-22 Dalian morning to work and rest. I thought I worked hard for one month. Where did the open source products come from? Where did I import


red eye-catching "best soft Wen: Witkey" reminds me of the original me. Be filled with a thousand regrets。

recalled that it was the end of 99. Just got back from the army. Just a touch the Internet, computer, OICQ, chat room passion all day long with a headset to listen to the "drops", "cough" excitement. When I was 19 years old, I told myself, "I’ll choose the right way."". Although the book read less but with love of computers and persistent pursuit, and strive in 01 years to know Yake Forum (K6), hawks, wendy. Use them as models and work hard toward your goals… Almost every day only 4~6 hours of sleep. I want to be a good personal webmaster, but I am infatuated with programming. At that time, or ASP world, but I think PHP these three letters than ASP to shape more, so resolutely chose PHP. Time flies, then if you can think of yourself and your life programming a year later?. In the vast ocean of technology, we never swam to the shore. Every time we saw the shore, we entered another sea. So in the constant pursuit of, the pursuit of one day can be divorced from the "rookie" this level. I was 22 years old this year, and I still told myself, "your way is right, you must keep it up."". In fact, when they say these words, they are beginning to waver. When a person’s will begins to falter, he will change from initiative to passivity. In the following days, there is no fruit, but the days are still passing. From the body to the mind, it has slowly begun to degenerate and produce a terrible image. To prove myself to all, to prove my existence, to prove that I am alive – to write a virus. So began to learn C language, slowly accustomed to numbness, and even a mature woman’s body, there is no master written code, tempting. But as soon as I thought about my looming target, I flinched. When I chose to escape, the void chose me at the same time. The sudden emptiness, I gasped, as if my air were empty. I began to numb myself with alcohol and tried to get a temporary relief. In the same year, I came into contact with "Ecstasy", thoroughly to the decadence and decadence in the end. When I have no money, I think of the word "selling, raising and sucking". Obviously, it is very inappropriate for me to use it here. It should be eaten and eaten.

time has no intention of staying for someone who doesn’t know what to cherish. In the twinkling of an eye, it was the end of 05, and watched the new year coming soon. I was brought into the hotel with a silver bracelet". After 3 months of custody, he finally got the bail trial". It’s been years since I came out, and I couldn’t face the eyes that had been full of hope and now disappointed. I made a move out

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