New webmaster do stand hard history

I’m a station owner at the Marx film station. I know about Marx at the end of 2007. I got it right away. I’m going to do Marx as a movie station.

just started the first station is certainly to think of a domain name, think movie station haokan is used as domain name is registered with haokan138, Baidu.CN do not listen to others to say love, is the and colleagues registered and pointing at my website.

so here is the choice of space, the first to buy the space with no time, space to hang, but according to said, should I get a refund, but the space has not been back, looking for a variety of reasons (after we choose the space, should pay attention to) can not only buy the space. Buy the space, beginning service attitude is really good, but for a few days, the service is rubbish, speed N times, with web content restrictions, limitations of keyword accurate to Deng Xiaoping. Promised that can proxy filing, filing information in his space within the system, such as half a month in the side can not find any information, anxious, he just gave me the feeling of customer service customer service phone, most would say is "slow" finally hang my phone, really depressed. Now this space business has changed its name, but the domain name has not changed. New webmaster should have a lot of people have encountered such problems, buy space or to find a good IDC, a price, a goods ah.

is so frustrating, there is something called a SEO suddenly found in Admin5 and cnzzz forum, said that can improve search engine rankings and included, so everywhere search data to modify their site keywords. Then there is the addition of N, multi AD and traffic League (really silly).

The rest of the

is to search engine included your station, to each big search engine website site own station every day, third days there is good news, Google Yahoo soso are included, but Baidu regressed nothing. Then hear people say that Baidu has a period of observation to the railway station, the observation period is one month, thinking will go on, over the past month, can’t stop this month’s site station of its own, without any surprise, two months, three months later, that anxious ah Google, received more than 9000, then only everywhere ask Master, met a friend told me to remove all advertising, every day to update their own movie 15 above (in fact, I was used to manually update themselves with Marx, you should know, then I have their own server, add all thunder and BOBO local film, every morning at 6 in the morning began to update, and it updates a) is not in fact reported multiple >

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