Why does Moonlight blog succeed

has long had a special eye for the Moonlight blog, and began to come into contact with blogs last year and knew a lot about moonlight. Why are you dedicated to such an ordinary personal blog? Thanks to its content, style and SEO, it’s perfect.

often searches some popular keywords on Baidu, such as Google, earth, blog optimization, etc. The Moonlight address is always in the top few. Specifically checked its PR, surprisingly, only 6 of the PR in some key search rankings, but much higher than other large portal sites.

for it like a blog, have specialized statistics, visiting every independent IP at least as much as 100 thousand, that is to say his every article can bring two to thirty thousand IP, the most surprising is that it links to the station to do the very place, reasonable increase of each page the PR leads to higher PV. Such sites should be considered similar station as cunning, recently heard the moonlight boss to a book, the name has been identified as "good Hot Blog is how to make", is a true portrayal of his recent years blogging career.

this website is mainly to introduce some information knowledge, each article is not long, and there is no lack of some excellent technical articles, so that countless websites reprinted. In the article in front of nj007.cn, mentioned the network justice has been questioned, Baidu become a "thousand fingers", the moon boss also gives its unique opinion. Many do blog site webmaster, dream of becoming such a station, and hope that one day this lucky stone can hit yourself, but everyone has that potential, as long as willing to learn, you can succeed.

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