My local flea market site summary of operations

            I chose in July 2007 to establish a local secondary information website, choose Tianjin (a big city) from the beginning of the 0IP slowly developed to today, 1000-2000IP per day. Although the user access is not much, but at least in benign development, here, I put my propaganda from webmaster network with you say, to local web site to do a reference.

I work as a website artist from a software company, and I work on some software interfaces, website production and so on. The beginning also made many websites, but that time observation: classified information website development and prosperity, throughout the network, but also popular, I think: if I have to do classification and information network, but they certainly do second-hand goods, so we want to develop module classification information website which, although the choice of Tianjin Vintage ( is established, so in 2007 April began to set up.

is the first site name, my name is Tianjin flea market, then consider the registered domain names are registered, so the registration of, 022 is the meaning of Tianjin, Shou is the Chinese pinyin "hand", omitting a middle 2, think this is easy to remember.

web site name and URL are good choices, the next step is to program this, I always thought to be concise, because the user to this site is not what other needs, their main purpose is to release information. So when the initial program, is in line with simple and concise design, taking into account the local website, so in the release of information block and local IP.

After all the debugging of the

program is completed, the rest is the website publicity. The key is to let people know about my site, and I’m taking two simultaneous starts:

first I to the advertising company do 10000 leaflets, paper as the cover of the book so thick, 8 cents a piece, then these cards with friends to the street shops, to a clerk introduced to introduce what is the web site, and what is good for their shops. What can be free to publish Recruitment Information, the general store will be interested, if they just want to recruit the store, the information recorded, released back to the site, so that one day we can almost collected dozens of pieces of information, sometimes attached to the housing, real time on the street advertising we will use the camera down, so go back together again to the web.

in the collection of information at the same time, we have a friend in the local Post Bar, on the top post and collect information on the users posted on Post Bar, just 10 days later, information rich site, Baidu also included, this time also has the user to send the information, then, is the top post every day collect the information on the Internet. "

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